President: Jean Hoffman*

Jean Hoffman

 During my tenure of 26 years as a member, I have had held the position of President multiple times as well as the position of Vice-President. I have been involved in every aspect of our group’s activities. When the committee decided to pursue a non-profit status as an independent organization, I helped the others members make it happen. Recently, I completed the somewhat daunting task of securing the trademark for both the organization’s name and logo.

 The reason I continue working with the Challenged Children’s Rodeo Committee is the excitement in the eyes and the smiles on the faces of these special children who participate in the rodeos.


Vice President: Carole Wilhite*

Carole Wilhite



One of the founding members of Challenged Children’s Rodeo, Carole has been an active and integral part of the organization for over 25 years, serving as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Contestant Coordinator.



Secretary: Sue Scott


Treasurer: Sharon Jacoby*/Margie Sampson

Sharon Jacoby







Contestant Coordinator:
Jean Hoffman*


Members at Large

Margie Sampson

Susann Lovell

Family and Friend Volunteers

Dave and Becky Rossi

Danny Wilhite

Ted Hoffman

Cathy Smith

Larry Switzer

Reverend Bob Harris


* Founding Member 1984