For more over 25 years, Challenged Children’s Rodeo has been a presence at rodeos in Norco and other areas in southern California. Over the years we have been a regular event at the Norco Horseweek Rodeo, the Norco Mounted Posse Rodeo, the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Rodeo and the California Circuit Finals. We have put on events in Poway, San Dimas and Chino, Del Mar and this year, Ramona Rodeo became one of our new events. At each event, we provide special children with a unique and unforgettable experience while they get to be “rodeo stars” for a day.

Interacting with their professional counterparts, the cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo clowns, Queens and Princesses of professional rodeo, our kids partner with them for an hour of fun and companionship, making it a special day for all.

The children who participate in a Challenged Children’s Rodeo event are those who face special challenges in life, but are still just kids. Our events give them a chance to be just kids and the stars of the show for a day, shining in the spotlight for little while. As they go through a series of simulated rodeo events, using special props designed for fun and safety, they are partnered with the special men and women of rodeo who share a little of themselves with these great kids. While the spectators cheer them on, the children often form a special bond with their rodeo partner.

Challenged Children’s Rodeo events include calf roping, steer wrestling, bronc riding, bull riding, barrel racing and even a chance to ride a real horse. During this rarified hour, special relationships are formed that last forever in the hearts of these extraordinary children and their rodeo heroes. Seeing the gentle interaction between rodeo cowboys and our little rodeo stars is a sight one doesn’t soon forget. For those experiencing it for the first time, it’s hard to keep a dry eye. For some of us, that emotional response never goes away, no matter how many times we see it.

Before the rodeo starts, each child is outfitted for their competition with a real cowboy hat, a t-shirt and bandanna and the calf roping lariat. These all go home with them, as do extraordinary memories. Every child is introduced to the crowd and recognized on their special day as they are presented with their awards as rodeo champions. As a special memory of the day, each child has their picture taken with their rodeo partner, who autographs the picture, creating a special souvenir keepsake. Because we have children who come back time and again, we make an effort to vary the awards and keepsakes.

Challenged Children’s Rodeo is an all volunteer organization and each event owes it success to the efforts of their permanent members, as well as an intrepid and dedicated group of volunteers who, year after year, make Challenged Children’s Rodeo the special event that it is. There is no charge to the families for the children to participate; the group operates entirely on donations and sponsorships of generous individuals and organizations who want to give back to the community in a special way.

For sponsorship or membership information, contact:
Carole Wilhite, evenings
(951) 734-5566


Sue Scott at (951) 817 8577.

For media or information about the organization, contact
Sue Scott, anytime,
(951) 817-8577 or (714) 271-3144.

For participant information, contact:
Jean Hoffman
(951) 520-9359